My current online brand August 6, 2014

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Your online reputation is huge for Public Relations. Everyone going into this field hopefully knows this. so doing a google search on yourself every so often is a great idea.

When I do a google search on “Ali Fingerhut” the first thing that comes up is Thank goodness this site sells home products, and not anything risque.

The next thing that comes up is my Facebook. I have my Facebook set on private, so a random person only sees a picture of my tubing, and a picture of me and my two friends.  It isn’t anything that I mind people seeing.

Another thing that pops up is my Vine. There is nothing scandalous on there, but I still don’t like that being one of the first things that pops up.  My Pinterest also comes up when you do a search. This wordpress blog also comes up when I do a search. I would like for it to be one of the first things to come up because it is so career centered. (So I should definitely blog more.) The website I made for Dr. Blankston’s class comes up on the second page. It would be nice if that was one of the first things you saw.

Whenever I type Ali Fingerhut into the video search, a video we made singing to Brett Eldredge comes up, again nothing bad, so I am okay with that.

I typed “Alexis Fingerhut” into google and the only thing that comes up is my LinkedIn. That’s really the only social media site that I use my “real name.” On my resume I always put Alexis and Ali in parenthesis so that people can search on both.


I have learned from my search that I do not have anything that I need to hide on google. But that I really need to do more so that more career oriented things come up. Such as that I am in PRSSA and that I am interning at SIUE. I need to figure out how to delete my Vine account because that is just unnecessary.

When you search for me I think you get the idea that I am a good person that likes to have fun. But I definitely need to add more goal oriented things. Like maybe add a career board on Pinterest, or something else like that.

My personal brand statement is I’m Ali Fingerhut and my main focus as a college student.student is to make good grades, have as many internships as I can, and be as prepared for life after college as possible. As a very involved student on campus I love to be the PR Director for PRSSA and volunteer for Relay for Life as their Event Chair.

When I was at Pro Am Day the speaker Stacey Harvatin told us to use a different name for Facebook because that’s where it was okay to be more personal about yourself and I think that is a great idea that I will probably do when I am on the job hunt one day. Not because there is anything bad, but so I can keep my private and work life separate.

I really like Chapter 24 of our book where he talks about Search Engine Marketing,(page 363), because with the “new rules” people will be searching for us and we need to make sure they see great things.


A little about me. July 7, 2014

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My name is Ali Fingerhut and I have been blogging for school for a few years now, but I would love to get into it more. I am a Junior at SIUE studying Speech Communication and public relations with minors in mass communications and business.

I am also the PRSSA Secretary. I am currently interning for SIUE’s Marketing & Communications, and I absolutely love it. I like to stay busy and don’t sit down much. When I do have free time I like to hang out with my friends, go to Zumba, read or get on social medias. I’m super excited to learn about Social Media for PR!

I’m one of the easiest people to get along with, or so I have been told. Not much bothers me and I have a go with the flow attitude.  I like to be happy and to make others happy.  I also love to line dance at Wild Country.   🙂


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Chapter 16: High-profile Projects April 28, 2014

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What is considered a high-profile project? Annual reports, events and exhibitions are all things that attract public attention.  They require huge amounts of planning and organization.  An annual report outlines what that company did the last 12 months.  These are exceptionally important for non profits so that they can appear as transparent as possible.

Writing continues to build on its self for every event.  We may have to take figures and turn them in to charts so that everyone can understand them. PR writing is done before, during and after an event.  via compfight


Chapter 6: legal influences

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Lawyers and public relations professionals must work together on a united front.  PR pros and lawyers are both highered to advocate effectively to publics.  Lawyers are more likely to go with “No comment.” But as public relations people we want to go with a more open and honest front.

Companies need to know that legal and pr approaches are equally important especially when dealing with a crisis.  An idea is just an idea until it is on a web page, photograph, a piece of music and then it can be copyrighted. If you are using someone’s content you need to credit the source, not taken it out of context and needs to be used education, research and not for making a profit.

For PR news releases must state the truth as it is known at the release.  The U.S. postal service also stops people from mailing anything that would incite a riot, murder or an assassination.

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Chapter 4: Cultural Influences

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The definition of culture is the way groups of people collectively think and act.  This is so important when you are trying to target a certain audience in PR. The sensitivity of come cultures is hugely important when implementing strategies and trying to build relationships.

It is important to understand your own culture, the culture your employer is in and the public relations sector as a whole.  Spelling is critical, even with tough names,  One letter can make a word have a completely different meaning.

Someone moving to our areas would need to understand what big sports fans we are.  St. Louis loves our sport teams, good or bad.  This would be a great thing to know if you were doing a sports campaign in our area.

You also need to know how cultures link with their customs and values.  I think culture is the main focus of any pr project.  Because it is so deeply rooted in people’s feelings and lives.via compfight


One Day Without Shoes April 27, 2014

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toms-one-day (1)     April 29 is this year’s One Day Without Shoes. This is a world-wide event that the  company Toms started.  With every pair of shoes you buy from Toms, they  donate a pair to a child in need.  Toms does not advertise; so by participating in  ODWS you are helping spread the one for one message.

Toms donates shoes because the children that have to go barefoot in third  world countries are exposed to parasites in the soil.  They can contract a disease  called Hookworm.  It can cause cognitive development issues, stunted growth  and many other health problems.

Going without shoes for the day is scary, but so is knowing how many children live everyday barefoot.  Going barefoot really opens your eyes to the dangers all around us.  This will be my third year participating in One Day Without Shoes.  People give funny looks, but that is the whole point.  The more people that ask, the better!

I work at a store called Glik’s, and every year everyone that is working goes barefoot.  It weirds some people out, but it gets the point across.

Toms has already donated over 10 million pairs of shoes to children, and they are not stopping as long as people are still buying. So please join me April 29 to help spread awareness about Toms, and the thousands of children that have to live everyday without shoes.


Will You be the Best Intern Ever?

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Many of us are working as interns this summer, and I’m sure are anxious to know how to be the best interns possible.  I researched several websites of people who gave tips on how a great intern and I would like to compile my favorite tips here. says you should know your stuff and show your commitment.  Go on your future employers LinkedIn and company website to find out as much about the company as possible.  Having a strong work ethic will impress your employer because finding employees with it can prove to be difficult. Working overtime shows that your dedication to getting the job done well.

Also, get to know the staff, and find a mentor. A mentor inside the company you are interning for can help you learn the ropes because they will already have years of experience in the field you want to be a part of.

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College Magazine also has great tips on being the best intern you can be.  Always be early, and prepared.  No matter how much you love your internship, showing up late will make it seem like you do not care about being there.  By showing up at least on time you are showing your employer that you like what you do and are committed. You should also dress the part.  You never know who you could run into, so no matter if it is day one or day 45, always dress professionally.

All you can do is your best, and use it to learn as much as you can.  🙂